Our staff

Steve Rifkin
Creative Director

Hi, I’m Steven Rifkin. Call me Steve. I’ve been showing up at Riffco since in 1981. As writer and creative director, it’s my job to craft our client’s advertising message, and provide the compass that leads the way.

I believe every business has “Star Quality.” Together with Team Riffco, I strive to discover it, shape it and share it with your marketplace.

Over the years, I’ve had wonderful and rewarding opportunities creating advertising for companies of every shape and size—advertising that sells, advertising that brands, advertising that outshines the competition and produces tangible results.

TV, radio, print, websites--I write and produce it all with the help of some very talented people.

When I’m not wearing my advertising cape, I’m having fun with my family, golfing, traveling, strumming the guitar, movie-going and cheering on my favorite Chicago sports teams. I go to Vegas with the guys, Arizona with my wife, and lots of school plays and ToysRUs with the little ones.

I’ve been in advertising since I was a young teen. Graduated from SIU way back when. Worked for some large agencies and then hung out my own shingle.

I love a good challenge, a juicy steak, sinking a long putt, a funny story, photography, dark chocolate, and watching life (and my clients’ businesses) unfold in surprising and wonderful ways.

Connie MacTaggart
Media Director

Hello, I’m Connie MacTaggart and the Media Department at Riffco Advertising is my realm.

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, I was hired in the Media Department at Leo Burnett and found that I love all things Media! Before joining Riffco over 16 years ago, I worked at Ogilvy & Mather, Wells, Rich, Greene, CPM, Inc., and W.B. Doner.

What I like best about my job at Riffco—besides the people here--is the direct contact with our clients. You rarely have that opportunity working at the big ad agencies, and I think it is so important to have that direct, unfiltered interface and understanding. I hear exactly what works and I can adjust my planning and negotiating to better suit different campaigns. Every day at Riffco is different… with research (I can be geeky)…budgeting (love the numbers)… creative (putting the puzzle pieces together)…and fun (interaction with so many people).

When not at Riffco, you will find me traveling (especially to France where I know the language), reading (mostly literary fiction), and cooking (anything and everything). My husband and I live in Libertyville and we are parents of adult twin sons.

Julia Kim
Art Director

Hi, I'm Julia. I am the Art Director (and IT person by default) at Riffco. I received my BFA in Graphic Design and Industrial Design at the University of Michigan.

I love my job. And our clients. I’ve been with Riffco for more than 18 years.

I am responsible for the layout, design, graphics, photography and overall imagery for producing smart, impactful advertisements, marketing materials...you name it. I also develop and manage client websites. My colleagues tell me I am the Type B personality that brings calmness and balance to a staff of Type As.

Working at Riffco brings balance to my life. I am part of a family of 11–including our pets. I have a husband, 3 children, 4 fish, 1 turtle and 1 hamster named Cinnamon. As a family, we enjoy playing board games, traveling, trying new restaurants and watching Michigan basketball and football games. Go Blue!

I grew up in big cities all over the world—cities such as New York, Seoul and Hong Kong. Although I adored living in the hustle and bustle of city life, I now enjoy living in the suburbs.

Dina Lissoos
Clients Relations

Having worked at Ogilvy & Mather/Chicago for eight years in media and client services, I swore I’d never return to advertising. After a move to St Louis and a career shift to the not for profit sector, I took time off to raise my two boys, now both away at college.

After returning to Chicago and when my youngest was going to kindergarten, I spoke with my old boss Connie from O & M about how to go about finding a job. She was working at a small agency in Northbrook at the time, Riffco Advertising. She said they had an opening for a part time Office Manager and that I should apply for the job. Well that was over 13 years ago and I’ve been at Riffco ever since!

My position has evolved greatly over the years. My responsibilities run the gamut from client service and project management to data-base marketing and client co-op procurement.

I feel so fortunate to work with very smart and talented individuals, but, more importantly, people who are kind, considerate and generous. We are what I would call truly a cohesive, honest and creative team. Ask any of our clients.

In my spare time I enjoy taking classes, exercising and staying connected with family and friends. I also do volunteer work for several charities. I live in Highland Park with my husband, Trevor and our two boys when they’re not away at school.

Jeri Miller
Finance Director

I have been with Riffco from the beginning. I handle all the finances. I make sure client media and production bills are correct and paid on time. I handle all banking matters and work closely with our CPA firm to make sure all the decimals are in the right place. I consider Riffco my second family. I truly love and respect everyone here.

On a more personal note, I am a wife, mother, and grandmother—though I feel too young to admit that here, but I brag about my grandkids all the time. The truth is, I am head over heels to be surrounded by my family, and so lucky they all live near by.

I enjoy vacations, dining out, an occasional round of golf, movies, theater, working out, mah-jongg with the ladies, and reading a good book. I love Chicago in the summer, but vote for winters somewhere warm. Otherwise, life is good.